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The Park Ridge Newcomers Club offers a variety of activities throughout the year, which cater to a wide range of interests. Members are free to partake in as many (or as few) activities as they'd like, with the exception of our Fall and Spring Kids Sales. Because proceeds of these sales go directly to funding the club's activities, we require each member to work one 4-hour shift at each sale.

Brief descriptions of some of the many activities and committees are listed below. Thank you in advance for sharing your time and talent! Specific dates for upcoming events can be found on the events page.

If you are interested in joining a committee, you can find available positions in the Committee Members section, under the Members Only.

Garden Party

The Garden Party committee plans our annual August Garden Party. The Garden Party is our annual membership drive where non-members join us for the night and learn more about our club. It's also a great way for members to reconnect with each other after the summer months.

Kids Sale

The main fundraiser for the Club is the Kids Sale, which is held twice a year, in the Fall and the Spring. The sale offers a great selection of gently used baby and kids' clothing, toys, and equipment. The Kids Sale committee handles a multitude of tasks including: publicity, organizing the sellers, arranging for donations, renting materials and equipment, setting up and working the sale. The committee is asked to work all three shifts of the sale, but also gets priority shopping before the public and the rest of the club on Friday night.

Labor of Love

Get involved for a vital cause! This philanthropic event supports a different Park Ridge family in need each year, and is always a highly anticipated and widely attended Newcomers function. Committee members will help plan this wonderful fundraiser by preparing invitations, publicity, decorations, catering, music, donations, raffles, and auctions. There is a job for everyone! Fill out this Committee form.


The Alumni Committee plans a Fall and Spring social to provide an opportunity specifically for the alumni of the club to get together. You’ll coordinate the venue, date & time and also organize any other socials.

Book Club (September General Meeting)

This committee will hold at least 6 meet-ups (every 2 months) at member’s homes or local establishments to discuss the chosen book. Be creative with the book and the structure. It’s up to you!

Committee Appreciation Dinner (hosted by the Board)

This end of the year dinner is held in May & hosted by the board at a selected restaurant for our dedicated committee members. It’s a time to celebrate the Club’s accomplishments for the year and to acknowledge those who contributed to its success.

Easter Egg Hunt/Bunny Visit

Another event that's fun for the whole family. This committee will plan a two session egg hunt (divided by age groups). This committee organizes the location, decorations, entertainment/activity and refreshments for this event, which is held near Easter.

Family Picnic

A great fun way to get our families together for a kid-friendly, partner-friendly, summer party in the park. A little bit of catering, a little bit of potluck leaves everyone with full bellies. Typically held in August.

Fitness & Wellness (January General Meeting)

Updated in 2022. This committee will host all things to keep us fit & well. The Fitness & Wellness Committee will host events that encompass great workouts around town or in the park such as yoga, pilates, CrossFit, HIIT, participating in 5K's & more. Nutritional forward events may also be included. 




Let's Grow! This committee will organize events around learning to compost, planting veggies, floral arrangement how-to's and organize demos @ various gardening facilities. This committee can also encourage recycling/reduce/reuse ideas at our events.

Holiday Party (December General Meeting) - Hosted by the Board

It’s a holiday celebration with the girls hosted by the board! This event usually takes place at an area restaurant & includes a donation component to a local non-profit.

Libations (March General Meeting)

Libations = Fun!!! Cabernet, Pinot Grigio, IPA, White Claw or Skrewball??? Perhaps this committee is for you! The Libations Committee will plan at least 3 libation education (and enjoyment) themed events. 

Moms on the Move/New Moms - Weekend & Weekday (February General Meeting) 

This group is especially for moms with children under 5 years old. Activities throughout the year include play dates at the park or in members' homes, organized events, and other mom-and-kid friendly fun. Events should vary to be during the week as well as weekends to try and accommodate all schedules. 

New Member Social

The Welcoming committee helps plan at least four New Member Socials and makes ongoing efforts to help the newest Newcomers feel a part of the club. This committee works closely with the VP of Membership. The Welcoming Committee will also continue to encourage the Newcomers Neighbors Program and organize get-to-know-you events. If possible, the committee members should be willing to host events at their house. 


New in 2022! Are you interested in all things international? Do you enjoy meeting people of different backgrounds, trying new foods or listening to new music? Were you born outside the United States? Were you (or your children) raised in a culture other than your parents or the culture of your country or nationality? Do you want to deepen your capacity for humility, empathy and fairness and reconsider how you think about history, politics, migration, commerce, technology, health care, education, and even our PR community? Then this committee might be you! At the highest level, this committee will focus on creating inclusive events from a non-US centric lens.


Yes, your significant other is Invited! This committee will organize events tailored to you and your partners. Events can range from bar crawls to bowling, house parties to whatever you dream up. This committee is intended to foster deeper connections with our members and those they love dearly.

Game Night

Is friendly competition your thing??? Bingo, boardgames, bunco, trivia??? This committee will organize super fun game nights at someone’s home or @ a local happening spot.


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