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Fall 2023 Sale Consignor/Seller Guide

Quick Links:
Consignor Login (returning sellers to register and tag)
New Consignor Registration (new sellers self-registration)

The Park Ridge Newcomers Club Fall 2023 Kids Sale will be held on Saturday, September 23, 2023.  It will be held at St. Andrews Lutheran Church, 260 N. Northwest Highway (at Elm) in Park Ridge, Illinois 60068.  The sale is open to the public from 9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

The Park Ridge Newcomers Club Kids Sale has a reputation of selling quality items at reasonable prices. We depend on our sellers to maintain this excellent reputation. At this sale, we will be offering Fall and Winter clothing ONLY (sizes Newborn - Tweens), maternity clothes, toys, games, coats, furniture and equipment.

We are looking for items of the highest quality and condition Any stained, damaged, heavily worn, or out of season clothing will be pulled from the sale and returned to the seller. All items should be freshly laundered, stain free, clean smelling and with all buttons buttoned, snaps snapped, zippers zipped and bows tied. Toys, puzzles, books and games must be clean, complete, working and include batteries if applicable.  If a seller has repeated issues with bad quality items & clothing, we may need to remove you from selling at future sales. 

If you would like to sign up for our mailing list, click on the following link:   Mailing List Signup

REGISTRATION: Registration will close on Monday, September 18th for the Fall sale.  Sale items may be entered until 3pm Friday, September 22nd. 

We use a web-based system to manage our sale. Sellers can now register for our upcoming Fall sale.  Please register early, as there will be a limited number of sellers. The last possible day to register to sell, for both new and returning sellers, will be Monday, September 18th, 2023, unless the maximum number of sellers is reached sooner. After this date, seller registration will close. Registered sellers will continue to have access to the web system to create and print tags until 3:00 p.m., Friday, September 22nd, 2023. At that time, the system will be shut down so the final sale inventory can be uploaded to our sale computers.

Returning Sellers
Returning sellers can now self-register online for our upcoming sale. Click here:  Consignor Homepage to register for this sale and to start tagging.

To login, you will need to enter your consignor number (the seller number you were previously assigned) and your password, which may be the last 4 digits of your home phone #. Please also make sure to confirm your email address is correct in your profile, as this will be used to send out updates and timely communications about the sale.  Please be assured that your email address will ONLY be used for this purpose. We do not sell or distribute our email lists to any third parties.

New Sellers 

1.  Non-Members: New sellers can now self-register online for our upcoming sale. To register, New Consignor Registration

Please fill out the ‘New Consignor Registration Form’ to register as a seller for our sale. Once you have completed the form, click on “Submit”. On the next screen, you will be given a consignor number for use at our sale.

Please also make sure to confirm your email address is correct in your profile, as this will be used to send out updates and timely communications about the sale.  Please be assured that your email address will ONLY be used for this purpose. We do not sell or distribute our email lists to any third parties.

If you are having difficulties self-registering, please email PRNCkidssale@gmail.com.

Note: Please disregard the field "Assigned Volunteer Shift" as only members of the Park Ridge Newcomers Club work at the Sale.

2.  PRNC Members: Please email PRNCkidssale@gmail.com to obtain a number. At this time, we are not able to have members self-register online.


Once you have registered for the sale, you may begin entering your information to create a tag for each of your items. To start pricing and creating tags for your items, click on "Work with Consigned Inventory" on the website.  This is where you will enter your inventory and create your tags. You will print fully barcoded, easy-to-read tags on your home computer (or send to a copy shop such as FedEx Office to be printed off), at your convenience.  Each seller will be allowed to have 1000 items in their inventory for our upcoming sale. If you have additional items, please contact us. Non-members of the Park Ridge Newcomers Club, please note: a non-refundable $10 registration fee will be charged for each seller number used.

Video Tutorials for Tagging 

Creating Tags

Reactivating Old Tags

Reactivating Inventory
Returning sellers, if you wish to bring unsold items from a past sale to our upcoming sale, you will need to mark those INACTIVE items as ACTIVE in the system. There is a menu option on the inventory menu called "Work With Inactive Inventory". This is where you go to mark INACTIVE items as ACTIVE (meaning you plan to bring that item to our upcoming sale). Simply place a check mark beside the items you want to make ACTIVE, and click the button. Those items are immediately marked as active and will begin appearing on the "Work with Items" screen, where they can be edited and have new tags printed, if needed.

Tagging Requirements & Tips:

1.  Save time by sorting clothing by gender and size and grouping non-clothing items together.

2.  You must create a unique tag for each item you plan to sell. DO NOT photocopy a sheet of tags to use on multiple items. Our system creates a unique barcode for each item in your inventory, and can only be scanned once. If the same barcode is scanned additional times, the item will appear as "already sold" in our system, and we will not be able to sell it for you. 

3.  When printing your tags - use white or off-white/cream 60lb. – 67lb. card stock.  This paper is widely available at office supply stores. DO NOT PRINT ON REGULAR COPY PAPER.  The tags WILL tear, wrinkle and bend.  No multi-colors, dark colors, texture or patterned paper. 

4.  You can print all tags at once or a few at a time. Tags print 6 to a page; print in increments of six to save paper. 

5.  If you adjust the price of an item after you have printed its tag, you need to print out a new tag for it. Items can only be sold at the price shown in our inventory system (so that your profits are calculated correctly). Therefore, the prices on the tags must match those in the system. Do not manually change prices on printed tags. This can lead to confusion and uncertainty for buyers, and may reduce the chances your item will sell.

6.  A few Mac users have reported issues with the barcodes of their bottom two tags printing onto a second page when trying to print from the Safari or Firefox browsers. We have the following suggestions to fix this issue:

a.  In the printer setup, make sure the margin settings on your printer have not been changed.

b.  Go into print preview (File > Print Preview in your browser) and make sure your tags are set to print at 100% - having a larger percentage will cause items to print onto an additional page.

c.  Try using the Google Chrome browser.

7.  Use safety pins to attach tags to clothing - NO STRAIGHT PINS OR STAPLES.  You may also use a tagging gun. These can be purchased on eBay or Amazon (search for retail tagging gun) for around $10.00.

8.  When attaching safety pins and tags of tagging guns, attach to the clothing item tag (i.e. where it indicates the size) or on the seam. We want to limit the potential for any bigger holes or tears in the clothing from the pin or tag of the tagging gun.

9.  Any clothing with holes will be returned to the seller, and the seller may be prohibited from selling in future sales.

10.  Items we DO NOT accept:  cribs, mattresses, diaper genies, bath tubs, changing pads, potty chairs, training items, underwear, nursing bras, breast pumps, bottles, sippy cups, VHS tapes, and stuffed animals/plush toys.  Please check that any item being submitted is not a part of any recall.  Please visit www.cpse.gov for additional recall information.

11.  Sellers’ access to the website to enter inventory and print tags will close at 3:00 p.m. on Friday, September 22, 2023 so that we can upload the full sale inventory onto our point-of-sale system. Plan accordingly to avoid a last minute time crunch!


Category:  Choose from the drop down menu.

Size: Choose from the drop down menu the size of your item (if applicable).  If not applicable, choose the "Leave Blank" option.

Description Line 1:  Specify the Brand (max 24 Characters)

Description Line 2: Description of the item – give as much detail as possible.  We can now search the database to find items that get separated from their tags during the sale.  It is much easier to match a lost tag to a "green shirt w/ dinosaur" than to a "shirt". (max. 24 Characters)

Price:  The minimum price that you will be able to assign to an item will be $1.00 and all prices should be in increments of $0.50.  When pricing, consider size, condition, rarity and brand name of your items. Recommended price ranges for clothing items are:

Children’s Clothing                                           

Tops:  $1.00 - $6.00                                          
Pants:  $1.00 - $4.00                                         
Dresses: $3.00 - $12.00                                    
Sleepwear: $1.00 - $3.00                                   
Shoes: $1.00-$5.00/pair                                    
Coats:  $5.00 - $20.00                                       

At recent sales, we have noticed many shoppers using their smartphones to “comparison shop”, especially for larger/big ticket items such as strollers, furniture and baby gear. It may be helpful to do a quick online price check for these types of items, so you can set your pricing competitively and increase your item’s chance of sale.

Quantity:   This field allows you to easily enter multiple "like" items without having to enter each one individually.

Check to Discount:  Leave the field blank, as we do not allow this at our sale. 

Check to Donate:  Check the box if you want the item donated if it doesn't sell.  "Yes" will indicate that you want us to donate the item on your behalf.  All donated items will be used for donation and charitable purposes.  Please consider donating your unsold items, as several local charities will benefit from these donations.  After the sale, the seller can print off a report of the items that were donated for tax purposes ("View/Print an Inventory Report"). Please use the attached receipt for tax purposes.



All sellers will receive 60% of the selling price. 

Non-Members:  There is a non-refundable Registration Fee of $10.00 per seller number, charged to sellers who are not members of the Park Ridge Newcomers Club.  This fee will be deducted from your proceeds. 


Drop off is Friday, September 22nd, 2023, between 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. at St. Andrews Gymnasium.  Please enter through the back parking lot off of Northwest Highway.  Items should be sorted Boy/Girl and folded by size.  Due to space limitations and heavy items being moved in quickly, please leave children at home.

BYOB (Bring Your Own Box) - When sellers check-in on Friday evening, please bring your own box/bin for your unsold items to be returned to you. We will label your box at check-in with your seller number. Items not sold or donated will be placed in your box/bin and will be waiting for you to pick up on Saturday. If you wish to donate all of your unsold items you do not need to bring a box/bin.

Please label any bin or box you are leaving at the sale to be picked up on Saturday at 3:30 with your seller number.  We will label them as well but it is best they come in with your number already on them to avoid confusion at the busy drop off.  


Pick up is September 23rd, 2023 at 3:30 p.m.  Items not picked up by 4:00 p.m. will be donated.  The Park Ridge Newcomers Club is not responsible for untagged, lost or stolen items. No exceptions will be made.  

The tags of sold items WILL NOT be returned to the seller.  Instead, a printed list of all your sold items will be included with your check. This information will also be available to view online within 48 hours after the sale ends. (Choose "Work With Consigned Inventory" then pick "View Your Sold Items").

Checks will be available when you pick up your unsold items.  If you donate your unsold items and would like your check mailed to you, please indicate this at drop off on Friday night during check in.  Any checks not picked up by 4:00 p.m. on September 23, 2023, will be mailed the week following the sale.


The Park Ridge Newcomers Club reserves the right to refuse to sell unacceptable items. Poor quality items will be pulled from the tables and tags will be marked as unacceptable merchandise. Repeat offenders will be prohibited from selling at future sales. The Park Ridge Newcomers Club is not responsible for any items that are lost, stolen or accidentally donated.  No Exceptions.


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